The Paris Connection

Book Cover: The Paris Connection

Sparks are flying in the city of light…

Emma Brooks, single mom and managing director at the leading recruiting firm in Paris, was against their merger with an American company from the start. Not only was her firm losing its autonomy, she was losing her well-deserved promotion to Cole Dorset – a handsome, arrogant interloper from New York!

How did Cole’s ex-girlfriend’s dream of moving to Paris become his nightmare? Now he’s got to find his way in a new country, and the woman showing him the ropes wants to string him up by one. But as he gets to know Emma and her daughter, he realizes Paris may have more to offer than he thought…


The Paris Connection was a 2014 nominee for The Swoony Awards, recognizing excellence in clean, secular romance novels. This Reader's Choice Award was created to show appreciation to authors of wholesome romance and to provide readers of clean romance a good go-to reference for new books, new authors, and something fun to read.

Publisher: Harlequin (Harper Collins)
Reviews:on The Curried Nut:

“The Paris Connection is a delightful read! Take this book along on your next trip … it’s the perfect vacation read to whisk your mind away to Europe. … Cerella does a wonderful job of making the city come alive on the page, and certainly has inspired me to add a few new things to my to-do list when I make it there!”

Lydia on The Overweight Bookshelf wrote:

“…readers are taken down some of Paris’ most celebrated rue and avenue and given an intoxicating sample of what life in Paris is like. … The outings and interactions between Emma, her daughter and Cole are endearing and heartfelt. If you have a fascination with the City of Light and are in the mood for a good old fashioned romance, download this one to your Kindle.”

Brooke on iblog4books wrote:

“Cerella Sechrist is a new-to-me author, but this definitely won’t be the last time I read one of her books!…The Paris Connection is an incredibly romantic story….there was just so much romance and sweetness throughout, and I loved watching how the relationship between the main characters grew…I fell in love with the story from the first chapter and literally read the book in one day! [5 stars]”

on Wandering the Pages:

“The Paris Connection was a sweet, light-hearted read. This book is perfect for a little escapism if Spring Fever hits. … These days it seems most people (and books) equate “romance” with sex or a physical relationship. This book is more about actual romance. Long walks, candlelit dinner, all that super sweet gushy stuff. …This is a great one to pick up if you’re in the mood for something light and sweet.”

Abbi on Christian Novels wrote:

“This was such a sweet book! I found myself swept away to Paris and thoroughly enjoyed my time there! All of the characters were absolutely fantastic especially Emma, Cole, and Emma’s daughter Avery. … I loved how the whole book had this lighthearted and romantic feel that was so refreshingly beautiful! Honestly I was just wrapped up in the book and it’s hard to pull myself out enough to find the right words for it.”

Renee on Black 'n Gold Girl's Blogspot wrote:

“I loved Emma, from her reluctance to open her heart to a new love, to accept anything new, and her dedication to her work and family. From every angle, she’s a great character. … I’ve read a few absolutely delightful romances set abroad and I have to say, The Paris Connection, ranks up there as one of the better stories…Cerella Sechrist has created a tale of light-hearted romance…”

Laurie on CozyNookBks wrote:

“Sometimes authors don’t take the time to show the progression of a romantic relationship between characters, and the resulting connection seems contrived. This was not the case between Emma and Cole. The author convincingly brought the two together from their initial enemy-like state. This is so significant for me when I’m reading and anticipating how a relationship between two people unfolds in a romantic fiction book….I loved the characters, even the ones I loved to dislike. There were comical parts, tender parts and even a little mystery and suspense… I thoroughly enjoyed The Paris Connection, and if you’re in the mood for a sweet, wholesome romance book with a great storyline, I know you will too.”