Harper’s Wish

Book Cover: Harper's Wish

A recipe for disaster…or redemption? 

A few weeks ago, Harper Worth wouldn't even have eaten at the Rusty Anchor, let alone worked there. But now she's in no position to be choosy. Fired from her lofty post as Washington, DC's, toughest restaurant critic, she's…desperate. Desperate to build a new life for herself in Findlay Roads. And desperate to prove to brooding Connor Callahan, owner, chef and overwhelmed single dad, that she can be a real asset to the Rusty Anchor. Maybe even to him. If he'll just give her a chance. But he may never forgive her for the scathing review that cost him his DC dream. Or the plans she's hatching for his current restaurant…

Publisher: Harlequin (Harper Collins)
Reviews:Becca Prater on Romance Times wrote:

“Down on her luck and desperate, ex-food critic Harper Worth swallows her pride and takes a job waitressing at a new hot spot restaurant in Harper’s Wish (4) by Cerella Sechrist. Deciding that being on the other side of the food is not as easy as writing about how it tastes, Harper eats a piece of humble pie and makes friends with the owner. Single dad and owner of the Rusty Anchor Connor Callahan hires Harper, a new waitress who lacks skills, but knows her food. In time, Connor realizes that Harper wrote several critiques that caused his past establishments to close unexpectedly. Can this odd couple tread water at the Rusty Anchor? With vivid food descriptions and quirky patrons in this Finlay Roads Story, Ms. Sechrist allows the audience to sink into the atmosphere of the Rusty Anchor. Between the banter and sweet romance, readers will be hungry for more.”

Cheryl Shifflet on Amazon.com wrote:

“If you’re seeking a romance with a unique premise and memorable characters then stop by Findlay Roads, the fictional town set in the Chesapeake Bay area. Here you’ll find Harper Worth, the down on her luck restaurant critic who now finds herself desperate enough to wait tables at the Rusty Anchor owned by the handsome Irish chef Connor Callahan. Conflict ensues immediately when the two realize Harper reviewed Connor’s previous establishment, cutting it to shreds, causing the restaurant to fold.

With two characters at such odds how will they ever get along let alone fall in love? You’ll have to read it to find out and I promise you’ll enjoy every moment of that journey. There’s witty banter, Connor’s troublesome little girl to keep him on his toes and readers chuckling, unexpected twists, sweet romantic moments, a cooking competition and loads of tasty food descriptions.

I can’t wait to revisit Findlay Roads in the next book in the series!”

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