Gentle Persuasion

Book Cover: Gentle Persuasion

Can she drag him out of paradise?

Landing reclusive marketing genius Dane Montgomery would be the coup of Ophelia Reid’s executive recruiting career – and her ticket to her dream job in Paris. It would also be practically impossible. With Dane firmly entrenched in his idyllic coffee plantation, and his intolerance of headhunters, luring him back to the New York rat race is a long shot.

If Ophelia fails, she sacrifices her dream. And if she succeeds, Dane sacrifices his. Neither can afford to give in – or give up. But spending a week with Dane, exploring the island…and their growing attraction…may weaken Ophelia’s resolve. And Dane’s starting to see that New York has one thing that Hawaii doesn’t – Ophelia Reid. Too bad she’s moving to Paris!

Publisher: Harlequin (Harper Collins)
Reviews:Laurie on Cozy Nook Books wrote:

5/5 stars! I truly LOVED this book!! It was an engaging story with nicely developed characters and a beautiful ending. I’d already read book 2 in the series, The Paris Connection, and loved it so much that when I had an opportunity to go back and read book 1 I jumped on it. Cerella Sechrist is an excellent storyteller and I’m confident that if you like wholesome romance you will thoroughly enjoy Gentle Persuasion. Highly recommended.